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Our strategy is to invest for long-term growth and income. We invest in solid businesses. The only way for us to make more money, is to grow YOUR Wealth.

P: (07) 4771 4577     
A: 51 Thuringowa Drive, Kirwan, Townsville
ABN 60 130 727 981 AFSL No. 403509

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Your Advisers


We have assembled a team of investment professionals with a high level of expertise across many facets of the wealth management equation. This diversity and depth of knowledge allows us to deliver personalised investment solutions that help clients achieve their financial goals. We believe our commitment to building long-term relationships with our clients differentiates us from other stock broking and financial groups. Our advisers have a combined experience of over 35 years in financial markets.


Authorised Representative (259250)

Jason is the Branch Manager, Senior Adviser, Technical Specialist and owner of Grow Your Wealth.

Before moving to obtain his own licence, Jason held a similar position with RBS Morgans. Jason previously worked as a public practicing accountant. 

Authorised Representative: (398630)

Jane is an Investment Adviser focusing on large net worth clients. Her goal is to help clients achieve a comfortable retirement.

Jane holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from James Cook University and a Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning.

Authorised Representative (259179)

Daniel is a Portfolio Manager. Before moving to Grow Your Wealth, Daniel held a similar position with RBS Morgan’s. 

Daniel deals with clients looking for a full service experience. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Economics through James Cook University.

Conflict Free Advice


We have our own AFSL and are not licensed under any of the big investment banks or brokers and as such we are free to recommend any product that we believe will truly meet your needs.

  • We are not constrained by having to offer products that are wholly owned by a parent company. 
  • Our advice is conflict free.
  • We choose for you the product that best suits your needs.
  • Our fee is the same no matter which product we choose for you.
  • No part of the our staff’s remuneration depends on how much of your money they invest within a certain product or service. 

When you are ready to grow your wealth, give us a call on 07 4771 4577.


Services & Fees

Praemium SMA

Better than a managed fund, you can see what is in your portfolio and you are the beneficial owner of the underlying shares.

Private Wealth Management

As a comprehensive and versatile investment platform, we provide the following administration services.

Self Managed Super Funds

A Self Managed Super Fund is your opportunity to take direct control of your financial future.  

Fee Structure

Private Wealth Management | Brokerage | Fee for Service | Financial Planning

Financial Services Guide

A Guide to Our Relationship With You
Grow Your Wealth Pty Ltd - AFSL 403509
Download the PDF.

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Our Process & Philosophy


Our Investment Process

At Grow Your Wealth, we don’t speculate with client's money. We focus on finding undervalued investments providing high levels of income. We build portfolios which focus on providing the income our clients need to achieve financial freedom.

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Our Investment Philosophy

At Grow Your Wealth, we tailor individual solutions for every client in recognition of the fact that every client is different and has particular investment needs.  However, every tailored solution is built on a solid investment framework.

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Become a Client

Your first meeting is complimentary

You are under no obligation. You need to tell us about your goals and your investment preferences. One of our qualified financial advisers will listen and answer your questions.

You will not find any sales people in our office. You will not be rushed into making decisions. You will feel no pressure or experience pesky follow-up sales calls.

As a client, you have access to the combined knowledge and experience of our qualified Financial Planners, Superannuation Specialists, Accountants and Direct Equity & Derivatives Advisers.


Take the First Step


The first step is to establish your current situation, investment needs, requirements and future goals with your adviser. Your investment portfolio will be built on these foundations. Generally, a portfolio will be spread across a selection of investments that can include;

  • Cash
  • Term Deposits another fixed and variable interest securities
  • Direct Shares and / or managed funds
  • Property trusts
  • International Investments
  • Exchange Traded Fund, Instalment Warrants, Options

Call 07 4771 4577 to Arrange a Complimentary Meeting

About Us

What We Do

  • We take an interest in our clients and we know something about them
  • We bring ideas to them rather than waiting for them to contact us
  • We solve their problems, usually before they know they have any problems
  • We tell them what we're doing; we confirm when a task is finished
  • We give them attention of the sort they don't get anywhere else
  • We respond right away. If we can't fix a problem on the same day, we tell them how long it will take.
  • We monitor portfolios constantly and make sure clients know about this

What We Don't Do

  • We don't promise extraordinary results. We deliver the right results with the right level of risk for each client.

Mission Statement

To provide investment portfolio management, advice on structuring, tax and superannuation to high net worth individuals, business owners and family groups. 

Our History


Grow Your Wealth has been providing investment portfolio advice to the people of Townsville for over 27 years.

Initially John Walker started the firm in Townsville and was licensed under Morgan’s Stock broking before being brought out buy Joe Shelgeris in 1994, although the business fundamentally stayed the same it underwent a number of name changes as Morgan’s Stock Broking took we brought out first by ABN Amro Bank to be renamed ABN Amro Morgan’s and then by the Royal Bank of Scotland to be renamed RBS Morgan’s.

In 2005 the business was purchased from Joe Shelgeris by Jason Fittler, who had worked for Joe since 2001. Jason worked for the National Australia bank as a business lending officer after completing his Bachelor of Commerce at James Cook University, leaving the bank in 1997 he moved on the complete his CPA working as an accounting before starting with Joe Shelgeris in 2001. Jason is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) – Specialist Financial Planning , hold a B:Com and Dip Financial Planning.

In 2010 the decision was made for the firm to obtain its own Australian Financial Services License and leave the Morgan’s group. Having our own financial services license allowed us to truly provide conflict free advice and expand our advice to cover areas such as tax advice and business and structuring advice. Filling a the gap between investment advisers, accountants and legal advice to provide a service where the clients financial affairs were all considered when investment advice is given providing a better long term outcome for our clients. 

In doing so the name was changed for the last time to Grow Your Wealth, still focused on investing directly on the client behalf through the share market the company is now able to provide holistic advice on our client financial affairs.  Grow Your Wealth goal is simple, to increase our client wealth. We do this by reviewing all aspects of your financial life and mapping out the path which will provide the overall best result for you. We consider, fees, returns, tax and structure of your investments, as we are not aligned with any dealer group we are not influenced as to what investment we recommend and ensure that all our advice is conflict free.




Phone & Address

p (07) 4771 4577

PO Box 4413 Kirwan QLD 4817

 51 Thuringowa Drive, Kirwan, Townsville

Your Advisers

Jason Fittler -
Authorised Representative (259250)

Daniel Goulding
Authorised Representative (259179)

Jane Fittler -
Authorised Representative: (398630)