Fee Structure (exclusive of GST)


Private Wealth Management

Our fee incorporates comprehensive administration and ongoing investment advice in accordance with your investment profile. Fees are generally tax deductible (please check with your taxation adviser), and are calculated quarterly and deducted electronically from your Cash Management Account.


Portfolio Size                                   Fees

Establishment Fee                                             No Charge

Exit Fee                                                              No charge

Up to $250,000                                                 1.20% pa

Next $250,000                                                  0.90% pa

On balance over $500,000                               0.60% pa


Our fees apply to a client’s total balance. Therefore, if you have $1million invested in a superfund and $500,000 in a trust or company account, our fee is the same as it would be on a single $1.5million account.


Brokerage                                           Fees

Share Trades (Managed Clients)                            1.25% ($50 minimum)

Option Trades                                                          1.50% ($75 minimum)

Non Managed                                                          1.75% ($110 minimum)

Fee for Service & Financial Planning


Service                                                  Fees

Initial Consultation                                                    Free of Charge

Statement of Advice                                                Hourly Rate

Comprehensive Financial Plan                                Hourly Rate

Hourly Rate                                                               $275 per hour