Our Investment Philosophy

Tailor individual solutions for every client.


At Grow Your Wealth Financial Service Townsville we tailor individual solutions for every client in recognition of the fact that every client is different and has particular investment needs.  However, every tailored solution is built on a solid investment framework. For us, successful investing is about getting the big decisions right. This means making sure clients are invested in the correct asset classes commensurate with their goals and objectives.

The Grow Your Wealth Financial Services Townsville investment philosophy draws on the combined experiences of the investment team and is captured in the following investment tenets:

  • Investment is more rewarding when you own shares in great businesses
  • Wealth is built with discipline and patience
  • Even the best investors have only a few great ideas every year – no investor has a great idea every day
  • Invest because a great opportunity exists not because cash is available
  • If there is no great idea, do nothing
  • Quality and focused research will precede superior outcomes
  • Do not be driven by tax but be tax aware

These beliefs form the core of our approach and are important for you to understand.

A major part of what we do at Grow Your Wealth Financial Service Townsville involves the investment of clients’ money.  While we also spend a lot of time on tax strategy, asset protection, estate planning and client structuring - things that can be termed “traditional financial planning” - the investment of accumulated assets remains central to helping clients achieve their financial objectives.

We have spent a lot of time educating our clients about the investment process – how we allocate client investments, the reasoning behind those decisions, and how we as a firm add value through this process.  Understanding what you are trying to achieve, why you have chosen a specific investment and the related risks and rewards of the investments are key to successful investing. 

There are, of course, numerous varied methodologies to manage money, and we constantly spend our time as a financial planning company looking at areas that can improve our process in the way we can achieve this in the most efficient and transparent manner. Once this process is complete it is essential that we can thoroughly explain our beliefs and philosophy to our clients so that they are comfortable with our investment proposition.