Private Wealth Management


As a comprehensive and versatile investment platform, Grow Your Wealth Townsville provides the following administration services.

  • Recording the cost base of all investments already held
  • Provision of a cash management account 
  • Notifying share registries and other relevant entities of TFN, bank details and change of address requests
  • Where authorized by you, settling investment transactions on your behalf and actioning any matters that may arise from time to time with respect to capital raisings, off-market buybacks and other corporate actions
  • Where requested, organizing one-off or periodical payments to a nominated bank account of your choice.
  • Providing a dedicated mailing address for all your portfolio investments and processing all mail correspondence
  • Providing regular reporting, either via the post or email and also the internet, so as to ensure you are abreast of all matters pertaining to your portfolio
  • Providing comprehensive taxations reports on an annual basis and where directed to your accountant or SMSF provider.

Grow Your Wealth Financial Services Townsville enables all aspects of your investment portfolio to run smoothly. Supported by the above, your adviser will provide initial and ongoing investment recommendations for your portfolio, taking into account your evolving personal circumstances, to help you achieve your financial goals and objectives.


Regular Portfolio Re-Balancing Reduces Risk


Your portfolio is reviewed by us on a regular basis. As part of our ongoing service offering we undertake monitoring of the portfolio and regular due diligence of the underlying investment within it.

In many ways we see this as the most important function. 

It is not sufficient to just set a target asset allocation. You have to constantly review and ensure the asset allocation is being maintained through time, above your target asset allocation. 

With disciplined re-balancing, an annually re-balanced portfolio provided lower volatility and a higher return.  This also means you are never exposed to risks you had not agreed to when you first invested. 

Regular re-balancing generally provides lower volatility and a higher return.